Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Many is Too Many?

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I usually don't post more than a post or two a day - sometimes three.  And some days I don't post at all.  Partially it's because I don't have time to post any more than that.  While I'm busy working around the house doing laundry, ironing, vacuuming, cooking, etc., I'm composing all kinds of posts in my head.  If blogging was as easy as thinking, I'd have tons of posts every day - and you probably would only read a small fraction of them. 

That brings me to the other reason I don't post a whole bunch of posts every day.  I know for myself that I have a hard enough time keeping up with the blogs I want to read and the wonderful people I've met online, but when someone posts more than a post or two a day, I just feel overwhelmed.  I know I'll never have time to read them all, and many times I won't read any of them, preferring to skip over them in favor of reading that one post from a blogger I haven't heard from in a while.  So, I'm hoping that if I don't overwhelm your reader (or your facebook page) you'll be more likely to read what I have to say when I say it.  Then again, maybe not - maybe that's just how I work.

That being said, today I'm going to be posting several times.  I've got to mention things like dermitage reviews and diet aids - there's a whole list, and they're all supposed to be done today.  I spaced them out as well as I could, but there's only so much I can do.  I'll try to make the most of each post, hopefully actually posting some of the things I've been thinking about for a while now but never actually gotten around to posting.  Or maybe something completely new and random will pop into my head, and I might even include a picture of a waffle on somebody's stove just for the fun of it!  Who knows.  I hope you'll read at least some of them.

Note:  I am in no way saying that I keep up with and read all the blogs I want to, even the ones with just a post or two a day.  It would be nice if I could, but...

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