Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get Free Stuff

I saw this on Jenn's blog, and since she mentioned getting all kinds of free stuff, I had to check it out.  It's called Shop4Freebies, and every day they have a list of free samples and things you can sign up for.  I signed up for their daily email so I don't forget to go check to see what's available.  Jenn says she's gotten quite a few things, but I just started requesting things, so I'm still waiting.  It will be fun when the mailbox starts filling up with free stuff.

I also signed up for a site called because Misty invited me.  It looks like it should be fun.  They're supposed to send us things to try and then we get to share on sites like facebook and twitter.  For doing that we're supposed to earn smiles, as well as for referring our friends - so if you click my link and sign up it will make me happier, or at least give me more smiles.  I'm not exactly sure how the whole smile system is supposed to work, but it sounds rather happy, and of course there's the FREE STUFF.  I just can't resist that free stuff!


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