Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The School Needs a New Site

I got an interesting phone call today.  Our school District Administrator, Mr. S. called to tell me that they are planning to redesign the school website and are having some people come in on Thursday to do some training.  Apparently it's supposed to be really easy, which is just what they need.  He invited me because he recently found out that I built the current school website - I'd link to it, but frankly I'm a little embarrassed and don't really want to claim responsibility.  Oh, it was so much better than what they had before, and still is, but it's been several years - so many that I can't remember how many, and it's gone downhill since.  It really should have been redesigned ages ago.

I'm thinking I'll probably go to the training on Thursday, because I'm interested in seeing what they have in mind.  I hope it really is simple - something that faculty, teachers, or even students can put together and keep updated. When I did the website, I learned to use FrontPage and built it with that, because that's the program they had in the school, and that's what they were going to be using to update things.  Now I really don't like FrontPage at all - don't even have it on my computer - and I think they'll get a much better-looking site, without a bunch of bloated code, by going with something else. 

Mr. S. said maybe I'd have some suggestions or ideas for them, and maybe I will, because I've learned a thing or two since then, but I'm also thinking I might pick up a few things I can use, too.  You never know.

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  1. That's really cool. I took a Frontpage college course a couple years ago. Then, I took an Adobe Dreamweaver course a couple months ago. I really enjoyed working with Dreamweaver.


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