Saturday, January 09, 2010

Camera Critters (#92)

While visiting my family in Kentucky, I not only got to meet my niece's horse Spice, I got to meet my brother’s cows.  He has a cow named Tilly – not exactly the same as our cat Tillie, but close.  Of course, that’s all they have in common!  He also has this mostly grown steer named Chucky Joe - who will soon be beef:  Yes, that's his job, and in the meantime he's very comfortable and happy.

Tilly was in her own stall since she was due to give birth any time.  She wasn't in a very good position for any pictures.  Since we were there, she had a little heifer calf named Cleopatra.  If you’d like some pics of that little critter, you can visit my brother’s blog New Kentucky Homestead.

This post has been edited because, as my brother so nicely pointed out, I did not take a picture of his cow Tilly.  :P

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  1. Tilly looks like very comfortable in her corner. Thanks for sharing!


  2. She looks so happy in her special corner. What a beautiful barn.

  3. I like the lighting on this shot, you made it a special shot

    ...A poser!

  4. That's a nice picture of Chucky Joe! He didn't have a calf recently, nor is he expecting one. Tilly is on the other side of that wall Chucky Joe is next to. :)

  5. Thanks, Darryl - you can tell I was paying very close attention to what/who I was taking pictures of. I remember now that Tilly was only presenting her backside, so it wouldn't have been a very good pic.

    Chucky Joe is a handsome one.

  6. Glad you edited the post, cuz Chucky Joe might have taken offense to being called a girl. hehehe


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