Thursday, January 21, 2010

About that Cat Food

We’ve been feeding the cats from their own dishes for a few days now.  It really has helped us see how much each cat eats.  We were right – Teddy eats the most.  We measure 1/2 a daily serving into each dish in the morning, and Teddy always eats all of his.  Then, the rest of the day he does his best to convince someone to feed him more.  If Tillie or Weasley are eating, we have to keep an eye on Teddy, or he’ll push them away an help himself to their food.  He has a hard time understanding that he has to wait until mid-afternoon when it’s time for him to have more food – which he promptly eats.  All of it.

Tillie and Weasley don’t eat all the food we give them.  One day Weasley ate all his in the morning, but didn’t finish the food in the afternoon.  Both of them like to eat some, walk away, and come back later to eat some more.  That means I have to keep an eye on them so I can pick their food up when they walk away – or Teddy will eat it for them.  It might almost be fun just to measure food out and keep feeding that cat until he thinks he’s had enough – just to see how much he really would eat.  All I know is that, if we don’t limit him, he would eat a lot.

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