Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ignore, Ignore, Ignore

I guess people are doing all kinds of things on Facebook that I'm completely unaware of - or at least paying no attention to.  I got a notification today that someone wanted to tag one of my photos, with a link to follow in order to approve the request.  So, I followed the link but couldn't find anything about a photo tag.  There were plenty of invitations to join groups or causes, gifts to accept from all kinds of various games and apps, hearts and smiles and hugs, drinks and teddy bears and questions about what I was born to do.  My so called friends have been throwing snowballs at me - and facebook wants me to click to find out what kind of snowballs they threw.  Snowballs come in cold and wet - is there really any other kind?

Anyway, I started scrolling through all these gifts, invitations, and attacks, but still didn't find anything about a photo tag.  So, I started hitting the 'Ignore' button - over and over and over.  Before, I really was ignoring all of them - but that just doesn't seem to work.  I ignore them and they still hang around.  So now I'm 'ignoring' all that stuff, and hopefully I will get through the whole list one of these days and find that photo so I can approve the tag.  And then, I guess I'll have to 'Ignore' these things as they come in, instead of actually ignoring them.


  1. Even better, click where it says "Block Application."

  2. I get all kinds of that stuff too. I can't keep up with it all!

  3. Yup, block the application and then you'll never get one of those notifications again. It'll save you LOADS of time. Just make sure you don't block the person. I've done that accidentally before. You can go back and change it if you do...but I'm just sayin'!


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