Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You're Outta Here!

After my last post, you probably expected your reader to be inundated with posts, and then nothing.  I was just trying to build some anticipation!  No, not really.  I got distracted going through some old mail and recycling tons of it.  I can't believe how quickly a small pile of junk mail can grow into a huge one.  I'm sure it's not human growth hormone, but there must be some kind of mail growth hormone.  Arrrggghh!

I try to do a much better job of taking care of the mail as it comes in nowadays, but some of this was from back in 2003.  It had been put away, I'm sure with the intention that we would take care of it later, but then we never pulled it back out.  When we got our tile done, we had to move everything out of the kitchen and dining room, and then when we got the carpet stretched afterward, we moved everything in the living room.  So, a lot of things got pulled off shelves and out of cabinets then - and I am very slowly and gradually working my way through all that stuff, tossing as much as possible.  Eventually all the extra stuff will be out of here, right?