Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gotta Love eBay!

Cory somehow lost the charging cable for his cell phone while we were in Lexington.  Since Beth is home now and both kids have the same cell phone, he has still been able to charge his phone by sharing Beth's cable.  And, amazingly, I haven't heard any complaining from her about sharing.  Today, Beth stopped into the USCellular store for something and checked to see how much it would cost to replace Cory's cable - $20.  I said, no, we're not spending $20 to replace a cable as long as she's home and they can share, so she didn't buy it.

Then, I started checking to see how much I could get one for online.  I found one for $10 with free shipping, then decided to check bing shopping to see if I could find a better deal with cash back.  I didn't see anything specific right away but ended up clicking on an ebay link and then refining my search on ebay.  I found the exact same cable for $1.88 with free shipping from Hong Kong (how do they afford to ship things for free from Hong Kong?) - so I ordered 3 of them, one for Cory, an extra one for Beth so she can keep one in the car, and an extra one just to have it.  I had an eBay Bucks credit for 44¢ which was deducted from my total, bringing it down to $5.20 for three cables - and then we'll get 45¢ cash back from bing.

So, under $5 for three cables, and USCellular wanted us to pay $20 for just one. I love a good deal!


  1. You really got a good deal there. No way is that eBay seller making any money. Maybe they are new and made a mistake because they didn't know what they were doing. Selling on eBay really takes some skill and a lot of time if you're going to make a profit. Just wondering if your cables actually arrived.

  2. I haven't gotten them yet, but I did get an email today telling me that he shipped them. Now, we'll find out how long 2nd class air mail from Hong Kong takes to get here and get through customs and all that.


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