Friday, May 14, 2010

The Broken Ones

For some reason, when I'm eating tortilla chips, I just can't stop eating the broken ones.  It's like I'm trying to clean up the bucket of chips.  (We buy the big box of chips at Sam's Club and empty them into a big container)  I keep eating broken chips thinking I'll stop when there are no more broken ones.  Except, it seems, there are always more broken chips.  Who broke these chips, anyway?

Eventually I just have to make myself stop and put the lid on the container.  Sometimes, though, I take the lid off again and start picking broken chips out.  If I don't get over this obsession with the broken chips, I'm going to have to find a quick weight loss diet because even the broken ones have have calories.  And they definitely have a lot of salt.  Eating all these chips is making me thirsty.

Does anybody else have this problem?

(BTW - leftovers from this Southwestern Shepherd's Pie make a great dip for those chips)

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  1. I just try to not buy them because I too will eat them ALL! Chips and Salsa, Chips and cottage cheese, Chips and and and.... Never ending! Then don't even get me started because it causes a diet coke craving and I am trying to drink just water or zero caffeine products.... Harder yet even than skipping the chips!


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