Friday, May 14, 2010

Last Progress Report

We got the last progress report of Cory's high school career yesterday.  I've been doing that - last play, last concert, last whatever, as we count down to the end of school.  It's an exciting time, but sad all at the same time.  With Beth, it all just kind of sneaked up on us, mainly because she was finished with school after first semester, and she only went half days while she was in school.

With Cory, he's going the whole time and involved with everything.  Well, maybe not everything, but plenty.  With so much going on and all the things coming home about graduation and activities, it's a lot easier to see how this whole high school thing is coming to an end.  All those years of pencils and notebooks, lockers and school furniture, bells, hallways, teachers and friends are coming to an end.

I'm excited to see what life holds in store for him, but I also know it means he'll be moving on and moving out when he starts college in the fall, and I'm gonna miss him.