Saturday, May 15, 2010

Choosing the Wrong Friends

I was just reading this website on teen drug treatment and saw where it says that peer pressure is one of the big reasons why teens start taking drugs.  It seems to work that way, because from some of the things Beth has told me about her friends, even the best kids can get in with the wrong crowd and make a whole lot of bad choices.  One of her friends who seemed like such a nice guy back in high school has apparently been in jail for drug possession and maybe even dealing.  And it sounds like so many of her other friends have at least experimented with drugs, and some of them could really benefit from teen drug rehab.

I don't know all the teen drug statistics, but on the surface it would seem that teens living in a small town would be less likely to get addicted to drugs than teens in the big city.  Apparently that's not the case - teens from anywhere can be at risk.  Thankfully, even though she hasn't always made the best choices when it comes to friends, and other things, Beth has avoided drugs.  At least I choose to believe her when she says so, especially when I see how upset she gets when Tim's so-called friends want him to smoke weed with them.  Maybe his 'friends' should look into teen Marijuana rehab?  Except that they're no longer teens, and they don't seem to want to quit.  This is, apparently, what they want to do with their lives.  Sad.

Unfortunately, as long as Tim considers them friends, Beth is going to have to deal with the whole thing.  She's not really having to deal with her high school friends and all their issues because she doesn't see them much anymore, not since she started dating Tim - but that's a whole other issue.

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  1. Anna,

    It's good news that Beth isn't also doing drugs, in spite of her peers and all that's out there today. It can really eat ya up, watching someone you really care about as they mess up their life, getting absorbed in something as destructive as drugs. But it's always a great relief to know when they are steering their self clear of the wrong out there. It's hard to deal with too. I've become distanced from 2 once-close friends, aware of what their priorities were.
    I wouldn't disagree if peers really ARE the biggest threat to giving in; I've been very strongly opposed to drugs for years, and my closest moment of weakness was with one said friend. Once close, mostly trusted (couldn't always trust them to show up), and promised a good time. Even I found myself in a weak moment, saying "If I ever did, you would be the only one I would try it with," and eventually, "maybe." I let it get far enough that I watched my friend smoke. Big deal, or no?
    Actually, for me, it was a big deal. I think I've never had a stronger resolve than I did at that moment. Told her, "Yeah, I won't do this. I'm sorry for you." Turned my back on her and walked away. I faltered a few moments, but can still say, I've never tried anything.
    My point, as it relates to Beth, is to take caution with those closest to you. Some say, "the ones you hold in your heart can hurt you the hardest," and I don't doubt it - they're 'in', in the place that you feel things most when they do something, nice or hurtful alike, they're past all those defenses you would bolster against anything else that would threaten to sway you, and can more likely make the strongest influences.
    Take care, Anna, and tell my friend to do the same. It's been awhile, and I'm glad to hear that she seems to be doing fine.



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