Saturday, May 15, 2010

Camera Critters (#110)

When Beth moved out, she took the scratching post with her.  Since Weasley still has his claws and is used to having that scratching post, we thought we better get him one quick.  When Cory and I went to Walmart to find one, he found this Cat Condo on clearance for $9, so we thought we’d try it.  We put it in the same place as the scratching post had been, hoping he’d figure out this could be used for the same thing.
Cory put both the cats into it.

They weren’t too sure about it, and crawled right back out as soon as he let them. And then Weasley decided to climb back in – only he wanted the bottom hole, where Tillie had been.
Every once in a while, he climbs back in, but I still haven’t seen him scratch on it. We also bought him a carpet scratcher that hangs on a doorknob. It has catnip in it, and he loves that, so he’s done plenty of playing and clawing with that one.

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  1. I'm sure they will get used to that new condo and carpet scratcher. My cat scratches on my furniture sometimes!

  2. Here's hoping it will replace the missing scratching post. Cute kitties!

  3. The kitties look content and cozy in their tower home. Cute pics.

  4. Our 2 cats have a similar thing... only it's got one hole and it sits atop 3 chunky scratch poles and there's a cushiony bit on top too. Mika likes to curl up in the hole with just his chin and tail hanging out... He only just fits in it! :D

  5. awwww. well your ginger cat is definently a bottom bunk bed kind of guy then lol.

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