Thursday, May 06, 2010

State State Play Prom Prom

... with a few concerts and awards nights thrown in for good measure!

Cory's been pretty busy recently.  It seems every weekend there's something, starting with State Forensics a few weeks ago.  Then he had State for Solo & Ensemble the following weekend, and the weekend after that was the Spring play.  Now, this coming weekend he's going to his school's prom.  He's going with a young lady from another school, so he had to get permission slips signed - and have dinner with her family since they hadn't met him yet.  I guess they liked him OK, because they agreed to let her go to prom with him.  Then, the following weekend, he's going to her prom with her.

In between all the busy weekends, he's busy finishing up his last semester of high school.  Last night was the National Honor Society banquet where they inducted new members and honored current members and outgoing seniors.  It was good we got to go, because we missed his first two - because he was busy preparing for plays.  Thankfully this year it was after the play was over.  Next week there's a Jazz Band and Choir concert, and then the week after that a Symphonic Band Awards concert and Senior Honors Night and a trip to Six Flags for choir and band performances and a little fun.  He's hoping the weather is nice and warm so he can spend the day at the water park, since he doesn't want to ride any roller coasters.  I still can't believe our kids don't like roller coasters!

I'm sure there are other things in there that I forgot or don't even know about yet - or there will be in the next couple of weeks, the last two weeks of school.  And then, graduation!
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