Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Wasn't Planning to Vacuum Today

Jeffrey mowed the yard today and then said he was going to turn the dirt in the gardens over.  So I went out and pulled as many of the weeds as I could, to get them out before he worked up the dirt.  While I was pulling all those weeds it struck me as very unfair that we have to wait to plant the vegetables until the danger of frost has passed - but the weeds have no such restrictions.  They just grow and grow and grow.

Anyway, after a couple hours working on weeds and playing in the dirt, we decided we'd done enough.  So I came in, washed my hands, and got Jeffrey some water.  I took it to him out on the deck, where he was doing something else that I can't remember now, and turned around - and that's when I noticed dirt all over my living room floor.  Not only dirt but part of one of my plants.  The little brat cat who lives here had been playing in the dirt, too.  He'd dug up the plant and scattered dirt, not only in the middle of the floor, but all over and under the end table the plant was sitting on and under it and in my computer bag which was sitting next to it, and all over newspapers and magazines - and just everywhere.

So, even though I wasn't planning to vacuum today, I got to pull the vacuum cleaner out and vacuum dirt off of everything and out of everything.  As I was cleaning it up, I found even more dirt and realized Weasley had gotten into several other plants, too. 

Oh, if the little brat wasn't so cute....


  1. Cats use their cuteness to make sure we keep them even tho they make a mess of everything.

  2. But you were playing in the dirt so he thought he could too!


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