Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There's Definitely Something Wrong with Me

I had to vacuum again today.  The little Weasley brat got into my plant.  Again.  There was dirt everywhere.  Again.  And I had to clean it all up.  Again.

And while I was vacuuming all that dirt up, Weasley was right there watching me.  And when I looked down at him, all I wanted to do is pick him up and squeeze him.  He was having none of that because I just got after him for messing with the plant, but seriously, what is wrong with me?  Does his cuteness really mean that he can get away with anything?   I'm pretty sure that if he takes up smoking Davidoff cigars that will be the last straw, because nobody is cute enough to get away with smoking anything in my house or anywhere near me.  But, other than that, Weasley seems to be able to get away with all kinds of stuff.

I mean, he gets in trouble, but it doesn't seem to phase him for long - and I just can't stay mad at him.
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