Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just a Little Caffeine

Well, I didn't get a nap. Instead I had a cup of coffee - I tried making this cold brewed coffee yesterday, so I had to see how it turned out.  It wasn't bad at all, though from what I've been reading, there isn't as much caffeine in cold brewed coffee, so it probably didn't do much for me.  It was the idea of it, I guess.

It was enough of an idea that I got Cory's shirts ironed - both the white one and the black one because he's not sure which one he's wearing to prom.  It depends which one looks best with the bow tie.  Then after the ironing, I cleaned our bathroom, which really needed it.  And for dinner?  Grilled cheese and turkey salad on homemade sourdough bread - easy but yummy.

By the time the dishes were done after dinner, I was more than ready to sit down.  My head doesn't really hurt any more, but I am so tired.  I really don't want to move until it's time to head down the hall to bed, but Beth wants us to go over to her apartment and see her new table and how she's got her tv stands and other furniture arranged.  It sounds like they're pretty much unpacked and settled in and even have pictures hung on the walls.  Just the fact that she wants to share it with us is enough to make it worth getting up and going over there and going up all those stairs...  She's so excited to have her own place, the least we can do is go visit when she asks us, right?

I wonder when she's serving us dinner on her new table?

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  1. I was writing an article on how much I love coffee and your blog came up in the Zemanta link. I thought I would reference your blog because you too were looking for the caffeine hit. I think you're right, sometimes it's the idea of caffeine that is so appealing. Whether or not you get a hit from it depends on what beverage you're drinking and how much of it you need to get enough energy to keep up with the family. I have four kids and I find that they are like little whirlwinds - constantly buzzing around, so I need the caffeine to keep up with them. :)


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