Monday, May 24, 2010

What Kind of Pajamas Do You Wear?

There are so many styles of women's pajamas, it would be hard to pick just one, wouldn't it?  I remember having a flannel nightgown on some of those winter nights when I was growing up, but what I really wanted was some super-warm footie pajamas - the kind babies and toddlers wear.  Do they make those in women's sizes?  
I was thinking a different material, but these flannel ones would be nice.  I found them at where you can buy women's pajamas, and only womens' pajamas.  Men have to get theirs somewhere else.

Speaking of men, my husband probably wouldn't like these flannel footie things, but I'd only need them for those nights he's not home.  The bed is a lot colder when I'm the only one in it.  Of course, now that the winter is over, that really isn't an issue.  Now I need something a whole lot cooler ( has those too), that is, if I'm going to wear womens pajamas at all. 

How about you?


  1. I wear a tank top to bed. Even in winter, I would rather snuggle under the blankets to get warm than wear heavy pajamas.

  2. I want the nightshirt with pawprints on it :-) Then again, that's what you'd expect from me, huh?


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