Thursday, May 27, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday - 57

I’m so glad there’s a meme like Looking at the Sky on Friday, because it means all the time I spend looking at the sky, and taking pictures of it, has a purpose! Click the badge for more info.
I really liked the clouds on Wednesday.  OK, so I like the clouds every day, but…
Those are really pretty, aren’t they?  I took the first pic from my back deck, looking across the neighborhood.  Then Jeffrey and I went out that evening to go see a movie.  We saw Date Night.  Before the movie we went to Home Depot, because we needed compost and mulch.  If I lived on a farm like my brother, we could make our own compost, but we don’t, so we bought some.  I need to get the garden going – now that all danger of frost has passed.

After we Jeffrey loaded the compost and mulch into the back of the van and went to take the cart back, I took a couple shots of the sky over the parking lot while I waited for him.
Then we went to the movie and to Dairy Queen afterwards for ice cream.  It’s fun to have a Date Night every once in a while!

If you enjoy skies as much as I do, be sure to check out Looking at the Sky on Friday.

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