Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She Doesn't Live Here AnyMore

Beth finally did it - she moved out, as of the first of the month.  She didn't move far, though.  It's only about 1/2 mile from our house to her (and Tim's) new apartment.  So it's not like we'll never see her.  Sometimes I think we've seen her more since she moved out than we used to when she lived here.  One morning last week she even got up in the morning and went roller blading along with me while I walked.  She hasn't done that since 6th grade!  Of course it was only one morning.

They've got a small one-bedroom apartment, but it ought to work just fine for the two of them, and the cat.  They don't really have that much stuff, so that's good.  She bought a couch and chair for the living room - from an actual furniture store.  They've got a bed and a couple dressers for the bedroom, and that's about all that will fit - but there's a really nice walk-in closet.  The kitchen doesn't have many cabinets, and the stove and refrigerator are tiny, but there's a nice little pantry.  They found a table and chairs at a garage sale this weekend and someone sold them a very large TV for about $20.  She needed her dad to help carry that thing up the stairs.  Did I mention that this apartment is upstairs?  I'm sure moving everything in was lots of fun - going up those narrow stairs and around the corner to get in the door - but they did it and mostly by themselves.

This was probably the easiest move they will ever make - except maybe the fact that the apartment is so small will keep them from accumulating too much stuff, so whenever they move out of there it won't be too hard.  Now, if we ever have to move, that will be a whole different story!  Where does all this stuff come from?  We'll have to be looking for someone to help us, not Movers NYC, but maybe we can find some good info and recommendations on movers in the Milwaukee area, and hopefully get a good deal.  Either that or I will be sorting and packing and sorting and packing and tossing and sorting and tossing and packing for ages and ages and ages.  Just the thought of it makes me tired!

Maybe I can get Beth to help, since she's the expert on moving now.


  1. I don't even want to think about how I'll feel when mine start moving out. Thankfully, I still have a few more years before that will happen.

  2. No matter how close or far they move it's always a weird feeling don't you think?!


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