Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Mirror Ball Trophy Has Been Awarded Again

Tonight was the Dancing with the Stars finale, and as I started watching I realized that I didn't vote all season.  Usually I pick a favorite or two and vote online, but this season I didn't really care that much.  I think that the right three couples made it to the finals and that the right couple won, but I wouldn't have been too disappointed if it had turned out differently.  Except if they had kept that annoying Kate Gosselin any longer than they did.  She could not dance at all.

And Niecy and her 'jiggly parts' - whatever.  Most people who go on the show talk about how good the whole dancing schedule helps them to how to lose weight fast, and they really get in shape.  It makes me think we ought to take up ballroom dancing so we can get in shape, though I doubt it works as well if you're not training intensely for hours every day.  Jeffrey did start walking with me again this week, so hopefully that will help him get in better shape.  That will have to do for now, considering he doesn't have time to devote hours to ballroom dancing.  It does look like fun, though - doesn't it?