Friday, September 17, 2010

Get Moving with PlayStation®Move

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.

I always thought video games were a complete waste of time.  In a society where so many people are overweight and downright obese, so many of our kids were sitting on their butts playing video games.  My opinion is changing.  Sure, there are still the video games that only exercise the thumbs you use on the controllers, but now there are games that actually require you to get up and move.  What's really cool about this is that, if you asked most kids to get out and get some exercise, you'd hear nothing but complaints.  But get them to play a video game that just happens to require movement, and they're getting some exercise without complaints!  Well, except for the complaints about having to wait for their turn.  Of course, it's a good way to get the family to spend some time together.  I've heard it said that the family that plays together stays together!

MOVEThe PlayStation(R)MOVE is a system that really brings movement into gaming.  It's a combination of the PlayStation®3 system, the PlayStation®Eye camera and the PlayStation®Move motion controller.  All these work together to put you right into the action.  The interaction between the camera and the controller allows you to see yourself holding an object in your television or to interact with a character right inside your living room.  How cool is that? There's a sphere on the end of the controller that allows the camera to pinpoint your every move.  So it knows your every move, and if/when you hit the bullseye, it won't be a fluke.  I'm not sure that necessarily a good thing - sometimes I need those flukes!  On the other hand, those games where you feel you are doing everything right but the ball just won't go where you hit it are a bit frustrating, so I'm thinking this will be better.

PlayStation®Move is an extension of the PlayStation®3 you can add move to your system just by buying the camera and the controller, the MOVE bundle package for only $99.  There are even upgrades for some of your existing games that will make them work with PlayStation®Move!  There are games for everyone - family, sports, action.  I know it's not actually a game, but I think the Get Fit with Mel B looks like a good one to have.  It would be like having a personal trainer of my own, don't you think?  It might also be a fun way for me and Jeffrey to work out together, and maybe we could whip him into shape!  There are also shooting games, fighting games, and bowling!  I love bowling.  I especially love the idea of bowling without having to actually pick up a heavy ball.  It's so much easier on my wrists. 

We don't have a PlayStation, so we'd have to buy the whole system to try this out.  It would be wonderful if some magic genie decided to just gift us with one...  I'm sure we could have a lot of fun while we get MOVEing!  The kids might even decide to come home and visit us more often.

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