Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Been a Long Day

Summer's about over, and that means the days are getting shorter, right?  Maybe that's why today seemed so long - trying to cram too much stuff into a day that wasn't long enough.  If we could keep summer around, we'd have enough hours in the day to do what we need to do.  OK, maybe not, but it sounds like a reasonable theory.

I never did get around to mopping my floor, but I did pick peppers (insert tongue twister here) and chard today. And washed towels, and ironed, and went to the library, and baked bread, and washed a ton of dishes, and....  I'm sure there was more, but now that I sit down and try to list everything, I'm having trouble recalling.

I'm thinking that means I've had enough.  Time to go to bed, get some sleep, secrete some melatonin, and get ready for another day.  Then again, there are plenty of times that Jeffrey will call me during the day and ask me what I've been doing and, even though I've been plenty busy, I have trouble remembering what exactly I've been doing.  I have to stop and think.  It might be that there are so many little things I'm doing.  None of them seems all that important of and by itself, but a whole lot of little things add up to a lot.

It can't be that I'm losing my memory (or my mind) - surely not.