Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Double Standards

When discussing the new cast of Dancing with the Stars on The View, Barbara Walters asked, about Bristol Palin:
Why is she a star?  She's a 17-year-old who got pregnant
I've been asking the same thing about the idiot guy who got her pregnant!  The only claim to fame Levi Johnston ever had was getting his then-girlfriend pregnant.  So she happened to be the daughter of the governor of Alaska, who then became a Vice Presidential candidate.  So what?

And then they broke up, and suddenly Levi Johnston began making the talk show rounds, posed for Playgirl, and is even talking about doing a reality show.  And did he go on that Donald Trump show, too?  I haven't heard anyone question his involvement in all these things.

But Bristol does a community service commercial showing the difficuties in being a teen mother, and there were plenty of people questioning that.  "Did she say she regrets having her son?"  "How dare she say something like that?"  Um, hello - having a baby outside of marriage, when you're a teenager, is not the best life-decision in the world.  Once you have that baby, of course you're going to love him and make the best of the situation, but trying to get teenagers to think before they get themselves into the same situation is a good thing.  I don't think Bristol was saying she'd trade her son for anything, now that she's got him.  That doesn't mean she can't tell other girls to make better choices, while they still have the chance.

Not that that has anything to do with her going on Dancing with the Stars, and I agree she's not a star.  But people do know her name, and she has as much right to go on these shows as her son's father does.  If they're going to question Bristol's involvement, then they should have started ages ago by questioning Levi's too.