Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Zemanta is Breaking my Posts

I think I finally figured out my formatting problems with Blogger.  It's Zemanta!

I've been using Zemanta for a while and never had any problems until recently, unless you count all my images vanishing when I added related articles in Windows Live Writer - but they fixed that.  Overall, I love Zemanta.  It sits there right beside my compose window and suggests related images and articles, and links and tags, though I don't usually use those.  If it doesn't have anything that catches my eye, I can use 'Refine' to search for specific things.  It really is handy.

But now, suddenly, it's causing problems.  I never would have noticed if I hadn't disabled it yesterday because it was sitting on top of an email I wanted to read, and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it.  Once it was disabled, my formatting and line breaks started working again.  I thought Blogger was fixed!  And then, I re-enabled Zemanta so I could use it - to add related content - and all my lovely line breaks disappeared!  My 'Enter' key stopped working in 'Compose' mode, and I had to go back to the 'Edit HTML' tab to accomplish anything.  While writing this post I have enabled, disabled, and re-enabled Zemanta (or is that disabled, re-enabled, and re-disabled?) just to test my theory.  Yep, the culprit really is Zemanta.

I've been using the browser extension, but apparently there's a new Blogger gadget, so I'm going to have to figure out how to add that and see if it makes a difference.  In the meantime, I would much appreciate it if Zemanta would fix this issue.  Thank you.
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