Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sittin' in the Cheap Seats

Radio City Music Hall by NightImage via Wikipedia
When you think of the cheap seats, you probably think you'll be up in the nosebleed section, about as far away from the action as possible, right?  That's how it usually works.  The more you pay, the closer you get, and if you can't afford to pay a lot, you just hope they'll have some big screens so you can see what's going on - either that, or you better take the binoculars.

Then again, you could check for a deal at where they negotiate great prices on tickets for events around the country and then pass the savings on to their customers.  They have tickets for concerts, sports events, and theater.  Whether you're looking for Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets for your trip to New York City or Boston Celtics Tickets, it's worth checking - to see if your cheap seats can be down there with the people who paid the big bucks.

It's also a good site to check if other ticket sites are sold out.  I wish I had known about it when I was checking on tickets to see Wicked when it came to Milwaukee.  Perhaps there would have been some tickets available in my price range.  As it is, I didn't pursue the matter, and we didn't end up seeing the show.  Right now I can find Jersey Boys Tickets for next summer - Orchestra level and still not cheap enough for me, but at least they're available.  I checked another site, and the Milwaukee shows aren't even listed yet.

Anyway, I'm going to be checking this site when there's an event I want to attend.  We saw Lion King in Vegas, and I'd really like to see some more Broadway productions.  Also, there are a few people I'd really like to see in concert, and if we can get some good tickets, that would be great.
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