Thursday, September 02, 2010

Will it Ever be Clean?

Dusting, vacuuming, straightening up all day. How does this place get so messed up? And so cluttered? Part of it is the samples we have on the table with all the colors for shingles, siding, garage doors, and trim - and NO we haven't decided on our colors - but that's not all of it. Mail and newspapers and just general clutter, they all seem to take over. Jeffrey says now that the kids are gone the house shouldn't get so messy, and there won't be so much to do. If only I can get everything cleaned and caught up first, then maybe he's right. I'm afraid that's going to take a while, though.

Now that the kids are gone, I suppose I could just wear little sexy costumes when Jeffrey gets home from work, and he'd never notice the house. Of course, we could never have anyone over, because they'd be sure to notice the mess.

Which means that I better get back to cleaning.


  1. I wouldn't notice the mess, but i think the sexy little costumes would be entertaining and amusing!

  2. Just for the record: the sexy costumes would be for Jeffrey's benefit only and would not be worn in the presence of anyone else or for anyone else's amusement. :P

  3. I wouldn't count on the house not getting so messy without the kids. It doesn't necessarily work that way. Oh, perhaps a little less, but there are cats, kids come home to visit, and there's always Flowerppot...I'm sure she'd love to help out. :-)


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