Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Real Zenni Optical Glasses

I know I said I'd show you the glasses once we got them from Zenni Optical, and then I got all excited about getting them, started wearing them, and then never got around to posting anything.  But it's not too late, right?

First, I got this pair of glasses for $9.95:

I didn't add any extra options like anti-glare or clip-on sunglasses, so that's what they cost - $9.95 plus shipping.  And this is the pair that I end up wearing practically all the time.  I really think they're fun, but I know I never would have let myself buy them for regular price, the price I would have to pay if I bought them at a regular glasses place.  Like I've said before, glasses for me usually cost closer to $200 or $300.  These just would've seemed too frivolous to spend that much and for them to be my only pair.

With Zenni Optical, I didn't have to make the choice.  I could have the fun glasses and get another, more reserved, pair too!  Both for less than I've ever spent on a pair of glasses as long as I can remember.  Here's my other pair:

This second pair is one of Zenni Optical's $8 frames.  I added anti-reflective coating for $4.95 and clip-on sunshades for $3.95 - so they cost about $17.  I like them, too.  They fit really well, and feel really nice on my face.  I paid more attention the last time I bought glasses, to the sizes of the lenses and the bridge, and the shape of the frames, and that made it easier to choose a pair online that would most likely fit and look good.  A good idea is to look at the glasses you already wear.  Most of them have the lens, bridge and temple sizes stamped on the inside - usually on the bridge and the temple.  That helps with finding a pair online that will work for you.

I was also worried about having to adjust them when they arrived or find someone to adjust them.  Amazingly, they came out of their hard plastic cases fitting perfectly!  And, if they hadn't, the ladies at my local Walmart optical are more than happy to adjust my glasses for me any time I go in.  I know because I've had to get the pair I bought from Sam's Club adjusted several times, and still haven't managed to get them as comfortable as these were right away. 

Imagine!  Two pairs of glasses for under $30!!  The ordering was easy.  We had our prescriptions and Pupillary Distance measurements from our eye doctors, so all I had to do was enter the information in.  If I had a question about anything, Zenni Optical had the answer.  All I had to do was mouse over the little question mark next to each item for a detailed explanation.  It could not have been easier, and I could not be happier with my Zenni Optical glasses.  I don't know why I waited so long to order them!  I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Besides my glasses, I also ordered a pair for my husband, a pair for my son, and a pair for a friend - 5 pair total.  Shipping is $4.95 no matter how many pair you order, so that worked out to $1/pair - and why we ordered all of them at once.  Everyone else is happy with their glasses, too.  I will post pictures of theirs later.


  1. Great review! I have been getting glasses from Zenni for a few years now and have yet to be disappointed. I couldn't see your first picture, file didn't want to load, but I'm sure they look as great if not better than the second pair. :)


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