Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wipe Out!

What is there about that show? I'm sure somebody's going to get hurt one of these days, but I just can't stop watching it whenever it's on. Is it the sound effects or just the fact that people are bouncing off stuff and getting into the oddest positions? Whatever it is, it's hard to turn away once the show comes on.

Sometimes I think I might be able to do better than the contestants on the show, but I know I'm fooling myself. I think I'll stick to watching on my Samsung HDTV - and letting those people make fools of themselves.  Of course, at least one of those fools comes out with $50,000 every week, which just might be worth a few bruises.


  1. I'm too old to be a contestant. I'd most likely break something :)

  2. I'm surprised somebody doesn't break something every week - heads, arms, legs, something.

  3. Amber would LOVE seeing her Aunt Anna on Wipe Out! It's her favorite show, but then whatever show is on is her favorite.


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