Friday, September 17, 2010

Protect the Table

It's starting to feel a lot like Fall, even though it doesn't officially start until next week. Before we know it, we'll be putting the Thanksgiving Tablecloths on the tables and cooking our turkeys.  How does time go by so fast?  It seems just yesterday we were celebrating our first Thanksgiving with family in our own house, and a little bitty boy banged his spoon on my brand-new table and made a bunch of marks in it.  That was before I had any kind of tablecloth on the table, and it hadn't even occurred to me that I might want Table Pads & Tablecloth Protectors to protect it from over-excited little guys.  Since then, I've mostly kept a table cloth on the table at all time, and we always used to use placemats, too, for extra protection.

Now that my little guy is all grown up and off to college, and I don't have any little kids around the house anymore, I suppose I could take the tablecloths off so we could enjoy the beauty of the table.  Except those spoon gouges aren't the only thing that happened through the years.  There was the time the bag of water Beth brought her goldfish home in leaked all over the table.  We wiped up the top of the tablecloth, but no-one thought to check underneath, where the water had seeped.  So my beautiful table has water damage, too.

I'm just going to have to think positively and say all those marks just show how much the table was used and loved.  They bring back memories.  Now, if you have little kids in your house, you might want to check into the table cloths and table protectors, before the damage happens.  You can collect memories some other way.

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