Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tape This to Your Mirror

Now that Cory's away at college, he's going to have to learn to tie his own ties. He won't have his dad there to do it for him. Thankfully the Sunday comics had just the thing a couple weeks ago. Someone asked, "How do you tie a necktie?" and the comic showed exactly how to do it.
I just cut it out so he can tape it to his mirror, as suggested. Hopefully it will help.

Cory's plan, in the absence of his dad, was to find a girl (or girls) to help him with his ties. I'm not sure where these girls learned to tie ties, maybe from the Sunday comics? I don't doubt he could find plenty who would be more than willing to help him, but it wouldn't hurt for him to know how to tie his own ties. Ties are a guy thing, and guys should know how to tie them, even if they don't wear them every day.

Never having worn mens ties, I don't know how to tie one, but this makes it look fairly simple - simple enough even a character in a comic can do it! Maybe I should tape this to my mirror first and try it?

What about you - can you tie a necktie? How did you learn?