Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Coffee or Tea?

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I never really drank coffee until I started college.  My great grandmother (Mammy) gave it to me once when I was younger, but she fixed it up with so much sugar and milk that I just didn't like it.  I'm sure she thought she was giving me a real treat, and there probably wasn't enough coffee in it to even count.  But when I got to college, I needed something to keep myself awake in class and for those late nights of studying and, other things.  I'm not sure it really worked, though I really tried - lots of times I mixed instant coffee into brewed coffee in an effort to get double the caffeine.  That's also when I started making hot chocolate with my coffee, and I still do that.  Mostly, though I just drink my coffee black.  No sense messing it up with sugar or cream!  Though adding hot chocolate and whipped cream is sort of the same, isn't it?

It sounds like Cory's been drinking coffee more since he's been in college, though he started drinking it some when he was in college. Often on a cold morning he'd take a travel mug full of coffee and hot chocolate when he left for the bus stop.  I'm not sure how he drinks it now, but I did get him a nice orange travel mug so he can make the coffee and/or hot chocolate in his dorm room and take it with him wherever he needs to go.  When I was in college, we had to go to the dining hall to get our coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.  I may be remembering wrong, but it seems that it was always available.  Cory says he can get it with a meal, instead of another beverage, but other than that, he'd have to buy it somewhere.  That's why so many college students have their own coffee makers and K-Cups or Coffee Pods in their dorm rooms - so they can get the coffee when they need the coffee.  Come to think of it, that is a bit more convenient than walking down the hill to the dining hall.

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All these years later, I'm still drinking coffee and enjoying it.  I can't remember why, but I tried drinking green tea instead of my morning coffee once.  I think I heard it's supposed to be better for you and have just as much caffeine as coffee.  So I tried it.  For a week.  But it just wasn't the same.  There's something really satisfying about a cup of black coffee in the morning, and tea just can't touch that.

The tea drinkers probably say the same thing, only in reverse, but if you're gonna send me one of these Gift Baskets, make mine coffee and not tea!

I do enjoy an occasional cup of tea - just not first thing in the morning and not as a replacement for coffee.  Mint tea - so good!  Mint tea and hot chocolate - yum!  And I just bought this Apple Spice tea that is absolutely amazing.  How about you - coffee or tea?
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  1. The hot chocolate and whipped cream sounds good, but coffee......eeeewwwww!!!!!!!


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