Monday, December 06, 2010

Happy to be Inside

I think winter is finally here.  It got up to about 23° today.  Definitely time to put the adirondack chairs and deck furniture away!  Actually we took the table and chairs off the deck on Friday and put them in the shed for the winter - because we didn't want to have to clean the snow off them the next day.  At the same time I pulled all the snow shovels out of the shed and put them in the garage where they'd be handy for shoveling the driveway.  And Jeffrey got to shovel the driveway on Saturday!

Ordinarily I would have helped him, but I was baking some biscuits for breakfast when he decided to go out, so I just let him.  We wouldn't want the biscuits to burn, would we?  One of these days, I think it would be fun to have one of these butcher block islands to roll my biscuits out on, but I'd need a different kind of kitchen, a big cozy one that has room for a table - and maybe a fireplace or wood stove and a couple of stainless utility sinks, maybe a stainless refrigerator and stove and a big ol' pot rack over the stove.  I'm thinking my design style is a combination of cozy and industrial.

For now, I'm happy with what I have.  Have I told you how nice our house is looking now?  Yeah, I'm really happy with it - inside and out.  It's almost like we have a brand new house.  I just need to do some more organizing and tossing of stuff to get rid of the clutter - and to keep motivated to keep up with it.

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