Monday, December 20, 2010

There's a Lot More Laundry

The boy is home from college, and it looks like my laundry tripled or quadrupled today.  Piles and piles of dirty laundry!  When it's just the two of us, I can sometimes just do everything in two loads.  Not today!  Today I had two loads of darks, a load of jeans, a load of light colored clothes, and a load of whites.  How does this boy get so many clothes dirty?  He's a college student.  He goes to class and hangs out with friends, and I'm pretty sure they're not playing outside on any wooden swing sets or in any mud puddles.

Thankfully the clothes aren't really all that dirty - just worn, at least for a few hours, and therefore needing washed.  Also, he probably has more than a week's worth of laundry, because he hasn't been home for a while, and I think he only does laundry when he absolutely has to when he's at college.  He also brought both sets of sheets home, but those are going to wait, at least until tomorrow.
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