Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Kids Say the Funniest Things

Here are some more of the 'Wee words of wisdom' from the magazine:
Three-year-old Katie gave her grandmother a birthday card on which she had scribbled a design.  Trying to be polite, the grandmother said, "Katie, this is very nice.  What does it say?"  The child answered with dignity, "Grandma, I can write, but I can't read."

When four-year-old Janey's mother told her they were going on a trip to Orlando, she had one question: "Is that Spanish for Disney World?"

At school, five-year-old Jonathan was complaining about life at home with his three-year-old brother.  His teacher took him over to a feelings chart that had angry, happy, sleepy, scared, sick and silly faces on it.  The teacher told Jonathan to point out the face that best described how he felt about his little brother.  Jonathan pointed to the circle with the yawning face and said, "Sleepy - because I'm tired of him."

Don't those kids just crack you up?  Why oh why is is so hard to get along with little brothers?  I know there were plenty of times I was pretty tired of mine! I bet Jonathan wasn't thinking about a football gift for his little brother. He was probably thinking of getting him a suitcase so he could pack up and go live elsewhere.  I remember shortly after we brought Cory home, Beth was wanting to take him back to the hospital.  I guess she was already tired of him - and she pretty much stayed that way, until they grew up and she moved out.  Now she kinda seems to like him.
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