Thursday, December 02, 2010

Perricone MD $150 Giveaway

Here's another giveaway you might be interested in.  Elizabeth at MomReviews is giving away a Perricone MD product valued at $150 or less.  I'm really hoping to win so I can try the anti-aging cream called Cold Plasma.  It's supposed to fight the 10 Visible Signs of Aging:
  • wrinkles
  • enlarged pores
  • dryness
  • discoloration
  • loss of firmness
  • redness
  • uneven skin tone
  • impurities
  • loss of smoothness
  • loss of radiance
I'm not actually admitting to having any or all of these, but I am saying that I'd love to try the Cold Plasma.  I can't imagine actually buying it - because it costs $150 for 1 ounce.  Free, though, free is good, and if it does everything it's supposed to, I might never have to read another wrinkle cream review - then I'll just have to suck it up and pay the money.  But first, I gotta win.  Enter the MomReviews Perricone MD $150 Giveaway for your chance, too - ends 12/8 at midnight EST.
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