Wednesday, December 22, 2010

They Don't Have Vegetables in College

Cut Green BeansImage via Wikipedia
I think one of the things Cory has enjoyed most about being home on break - besides sleeping in every day - is being able to eat real food.  Apparently, vegetables are very rare at college, and if you want to eat healthy food, you're pretty much out of luck.  We haven't really had anything special, but green beans and salad are pretty special when you don't get them very often.

Chicken NuggetsImage by JaBB via Flickr
What I don't understand is why food service on campus doesn't serve healthier food.  Does it cost more than serving the stuff they do serve?  Do most college students want to live on chicken nuggets, French fries, and pizza?

I really would think they'd have an easier time learning chemistry, math, engineering, managed web hosting, and even theater, if they ate healthier foods. I wonder what it would take to get some vegetables in college?

But then again, Cory wouldn't appreciate my cooking so much if he got good food all the time while he's away.
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