Sunday, December 26, 2010

Someday We'll Have that Fireplace

When we built our house, we had the funds for limited upgrades.  At the time it cost exactly the same to put in a fireplace or to get 9-foot ceilings instead of the regular 8-foot ceilings.  We chose the higher ceilings because we figured we could always add the fireplace later, but raising the roof to add a foot to the walls was out of the question.

13 years later, we still don't have a fireplace.  Maybe that's next on our list of home improvement projects?  We'll probably end up putting in a gas fireplace that burns Gas Logs instead of a actual wood-burning fireplace - just because it's easier to put in the vent for a gas fireplace than an actual chimney for the wood-butning one.  Except, I just found these Ventless Gas Logs that might mean it's even easier, because we might not need a to vent it at all.  But then again, I am going to have to do much more research to find out what will work best for our needs.  The Ventless logs are less realistic, but they provide more heat, so I'll have to decide whether realism is more important than heat.

These R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs look just like 'real' wood-burning fires.  Hansen Wholesale has a very large selections of all types as well as a great page full of Gas Log FAQs  to answer all your questions about gas logs and how they work, where they can be used, etc.  They are the gas log experts and have been selling gas logs online since 1994.  Besides their already low prices, right now you can save an additional $75 off entire sets, pay no sales tax, and get FREE shipping in the continental U.S. on sets under 36". 

I'm not ready to choose mine yet, but now would be a good time to check them out.