Thursday, December 02, 2010

I Hid the Cookies for a Reason

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Now I remember.  Some friends of ours gave us a tub of yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  They're little and cute and so good - and I just kept getting into them.  Normally cookies or any other kind of sweets don't call to me.  I can eat one and go on with my day perfectly happy, or even not eat any for days and days.  I don't know what makes these different, but there's just something about them.

So, before I had to check out, I put the cookies away in the pantry, behind some other stuff, and they didn't bother me any more.  Until I found remembered them yesterday and pulled them out so I could send some in Jeffrey's lunch.  And then I left the tub on the counter - and today I keep eating cookies.  Because they're sitting there.

Yep, time to hide them again, even though it's a little late.  The sugar is already starting to give me a headache.

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