Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Shirts in School

Cory called me yesterday all excited because he got a free t-shirt and $10 in the mail.  That boy does love his t-shirts!

I sent him a link to this press release a few weeks ago - "Get Paid to Wear T-Shirts to School"  because it sounded like the perfect thing for Cory - getting paid to wear free t-shirts.  ShirtsInSchool is a way for companies to advertise to young adults. The advertiser provides T shirts to the ShirtsInSchool student ambassadors, young adults in high school or college, and the student ambassadors are paid to simply wear the provided shirt all day, and advertise on their social network about the company.

Since Cory has a hard time saying No to a new t-shirt, and he's always sharing pictures of himself in his new shirts on DailyBooth or Facebook, I thought he'd be a perfect candidate for the program - and he signed up right away.

Today he's wearing his new shirt and advertising the ShirtsInSchool program on facebook:

Shirts In Schools is currently accepting online registrations for student ambassadors across the country.  If your are (or know) a high school or college student between the ages of 14 and 22 and would like to make some money for pretty much doing the things you already do - wearing t-shirts and social networking, then check it out.

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