Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My House is Making Me Sick

While Cory and I were gone to New York, Jeffrey painted the hall bathroom. He says the whole house needs repainted, and he's probably right - after all, it hasn't been painted since the house was built, before we moved in. The problem is that we live here now. I walked into the house, and the smell hit me. I've been running the exhaust fan in the bathroom pretty much non-stop, and I hate hearing it run all the time, but if I don't the smell overwhelms me. It's just toxic.

I was fine the entire time we were gone. I did get a headache at the end of the Philharmonic concert, but that was because it was late and it had been a long day. However, even ''sleeping" on the bus on the way there and back didn't make me feel bad. Then, the first morning I'm home and wake up in my own bed - headache. I'm blaming it on the toxic paint fumes and that we left our bedroom door cracked a little so Tillie could come in if she wanted.

I have way too many things to get done around here. I do not have time to feel bad, and disability insurance doesn't cover things like not getting stuff done because of headaches - even if I had it. What I do may be worth a lot of money, if we had to pay someone to do it, but it doesn't qualify since I don't actually get paid to do it. So, I just keep telling myself that I don't have time to be sick. I don't think I'm listening, though - no headache this morning, but now I feel like I'm getting another cold. I don't know if I'm really getting sick or if it's the paint fumes still bothering me. If Jeffrey really thinks he has to paint the entire house, then I'm going to have to go away, for longer than a weekend, and not come back until the smell is gone. Can I move in with one of you?


  1. you need to get some onions and cut them in half,, leave them in the room where the paint is they will suck up the oder. it is weird.

  2. Come on over! Aidan said you could share his don't mind Thomas the Tank Engine bedding do you? ;o)


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