Monday, January 11, 2010

I'd Put a Title Here, if I Could Think of One

So, the last three posts have been memes - Looking at the Sky on Friday, Camera Critters, and Heads or Tails - and nothing in between.  Sometimes I wonder what I'd say or post if not for memes!  But then the whole idea of keeping things updated about what's going on here kind of falls by the wayside, not to mention all the other things I need to post or want to share - book reviews and giveaways, and even a thing or two about term life insurance quotes, but I'm not getting to it.  Real life just keeps getting in the way of blogging!

The real life that's getting in the way?  It's not even exciting, just basic, ordinary things that need done around the house.  The sad thing is that I feel like I'm spending less time on the computer and accomplishing less than I want to, but I still don't feel like I'm getting caught up around here.  I don't feel like I'm getting any more done in the real world  - just getting frustrated about what isn't getting done. 


  1. It's hard to keep up sometimes with things IRL, much less online! I'm with ya, girlfriend and I thought the title was quite catchy. ;)

  2. As you know from my long-winded, rambling e-mails, I can completely relate to what you are saying in this post!


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