Sunday, May 09, 2010

Who Said He Could Grow Up?

Cory went to prom last night.  He asked a young lady to be his date, got all dressed up, went out and had a good time.  Before they left the house, I had to take a bunch of pics - of course.  Then, when I posted them to facebook, I got comments like, "our Cory is all grown up!"and "Are you sure that's Cory? Looks too grown up to suit me."  I have to agree.  What happened to my little boy?  Where did this handsome young man come from?

It seems just yesterday that he grew out of toddler clothing and had to start wearing Boys' sizes. I remember he was such a skinny little guy that I always had to buy him the Slim sizes.  He's filled out a bit now and shops in the Men's Department, and he's been taller than I am for a while now.  So I suppose it's a little hard to ignore the fact that he's all grown up, no matter how much I might like to.  Typical child - no matter how many times I told him to stay little, he just refused to listen!

Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way.  From the time he was a little bitty baby, his job was to grow up, and he's been doing that ever since.  He used to need me to feed him, dress him and read him children's books (a lot of the books listed here) - but he learned to feed himself, dress himself, and read, and he didn't need me for those things any more.  I like to believe that no matter how much he grows up that he'll still need me for some things - like loving him, supporting him, hugging him when he needs it, and just being proud of the young man he's become.

And if he doesn't need any of that, at least I can take the prom pics.


  1. Love the bow tie. Great picture for the album. Even though mine are all grown now and out on their own when a crises in their lives comes up guess who they want to talk to. You will always be there for him but it is hard for Moms this thing about letting them go.

  2. He's such a handsome guy! That bow tie ROCKS!!!


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