Monday, March 07, 2011

Booksfree - Netflix for Books

I love books.  You've probably noticed that, right?  However, I don't really buy that many, unless I find them cheap at a garage sale, Goodwill, or my all time favorite - the Buck a Bag sale at my local library.  And then I don't end up reading the books I own, because there are so many new books coming out.  I get those at the library, though it often takes quite a while to get them because everyone else wants to read them, too, and the waiting lists can be really long.  Also, sometimes when I get a book, I don't have time to finish it before it's due and I have to take it back because someone else is waiting for it.

I'm thinking a service like Booksfree would be really great.  It's like Netflix for books. You add the books you want to read to your queue - and there are over 228,000 books and 26,000 audiobooks to choose from.  Books are automatically shipped to you, and you can keep them as long as you want or need to and then ship them back in the pre-paid mailer or keep any book you especially like at a discounted price.  Sounds really convenient, doesn't it?  There are no due dates or late fees, and shipping is free both ways.

There are several different plans to choose from.  Choose to receive paperback books, children's books, CD and MP3-CD audiobooks, MP3-CD audiobooks, or a combination.  Then select the number of books you read and/or listen to in a month to find a plan that fits your needs.   There's no commitment, and you can cancel anytime. 

Booksfree would be especially great for people who don't have a local library or for people who buy a lot of books, because really, how many books actually get re-read?  If you're buying them, reading them once, and then putting them on a shelf or packing them away somewhere, this service can not only save you money, but keep those bookshelves from becoming more cluttered.  The convenience of browsing and choosing books online and having them shipped right to you is nice, too.  There are a lot more benefits to Booksfree that I haven't even mentioned, like books are guaranteed to be in stock, you can donate books for credit, you'll get personalized recommendations, and more.  Check it out and see if it's something you can use.


  1. I discovered this website for free audiobooks - books in the public domain read by volunteers:

    They have some great books that can be downloaded for free and listened to on my little MP3 player. I'm listening to This Country of Ours by H.E. Marshall right now - Excellent US History book! Learning lots of things I never learned in school.

  2. Here's another site for free public domain audiobooks read by volunteers -

  3. and, since we've started listing them here - another free audio book site -


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