Saturday, March 05, 2011

Zemanta for Better Content and More Traffic

I'll Give You All I Can...Image by Brandon Christopher Warren via Flickr
The picture in this post has absolutely nothing to do with anything.  It's just cute.  Zemanta suggested it, and I clicked.  I love Zemanta.  It suggests images and related posts for whatever I'm talking about.  Sometimes the most fun is before I even start writing my posts, when it suggests some cool images or posts that I wouldn't otherwise see - like this one.

Then, when I get started talking about online banking, preschool playground equipment, or anything else, Zemanta starts suggesting images and articles related to my content.  If I like what's suggested, inserting it into my post is as easy as clicking!  And, when other bloggers start talking about things I've been talking about, Zemanta suggests my posts to them, hopefully giving me more traffic in the process.  So it's good all the way around.

It's an easy to use plug-in for my browser and runs right alongside my post editor.  Check it out if you aren't already using it.
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