Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who Are We?

Or, more to the point, who will we be - to our new grandson?  What should he call us?  We've never been grandparents, but now we're going to need grandparent names.

My grandparents were Grandma & Grandpa and Mammaw & Pappaw.  Jeffrey had a Granny and a Grandma he called Goomer (I think) and a Papa Joe.  My parents became Mammaw and Pappaw when Beth was little, and Jeffrey's mom became Granny.  We started out calling all of them Grandma Connie and Grandpa Garry and so on, but when Beth started dropping the Grandma and just calling my mom by her first name, we decided it was time to choose something else.  The other grandparents are still Grandma or Grandpa, with their name attached. 

Since I've got a Mammaw and Beth has a Mammaw, Beth thinks that I should be Mammaw.  And I guess Pappaw just automatically goes with Mammaw, so Jeffrey would have to be Pappaw.  We're not so sure about that, though.  Maybe we should have different grandparent names?

I'm thinking maybe Nana, because it rhymes with Anna, which is kind of cool.  Though maybe that would be confusing to the little one?  And we're telling Beth that he's going to call Jeffrey 'Sir' - she doesn't like that at all!  What he's really thinking is Papa or Papa Jeff, like his Papa Joe.

What do you think?  Nana and Papa?  Something else?  (NOT Granny, but thanks anyway, Peggy)  What did you call your grandparents?  Did you even know there were so many grandparent names?  (If nothing else, you have to check out this list.  It's good for a chuckle or two)  I'm not looking for a rv insurance quote, just a little help figuring out who I'm going to be, to the little guy, at least.  Thanks!


  1. Well, if I can't have Granny, I really like Gramommie.

  2. It is easy for me, I'm Italian so I will be Nonna and Joe will be Poppa (Still pronounced Papa which he is to the boys instead of Dad.) But there is also Meema and Peepa; or what my kids now call their grandparents: G-Ma and G-Pa.

  3. Ours call us Grandma and Grandpa Kaulbach. I definately didn't want to be "Granny Nanny". Dave's Dad and Step-mom are Grandpa Roger and Grandma Kim. Dave's Mom is Baba which is a grandmother in Russian. I don't know what a grandfather is in Russian. A German grandmother and grandfather is Oma and Opa (I think I remember that correctly). As we got older we shortened up my Dad's Mother's name to Gram. Mammaw and Pappaw sound kind of cool, and there is history to go with it.

  4. I called my grandparents "GrandMom" and "GrandDad", but that was because they raised me from the age of two, and they were basically "Mom" and "Dad".
    My best friend's parents have always been "Nanny" and "Poppy"... I like that.

  5. Oh congrats! I didn't realise Beth was expecting! :)


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