Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I Hope There's Not a Next Time

We went to Best Buy Saturday night with some friends.  He was getting a new cell phone, which takes a while, so we were just waiting, talking, etc.  (After we got the movies we went for - Burlesque, Bambi, Megamind, and pre-orders of The Fighter and The King's Speech)  One of the employees there got to talking about living in Florida and going through hurricanes.  I can't remember exactly how we got on that subject, maybe mentioning the tornado we had this summer, and our friends had a tornado go through their town a few years ago, which thankfully didn't do any damage to their house.  They had a flood later on, but that's another story.

 Anyway, all the talk about hurricanes made me think tornadoes aren't all that bad.  I mean, yes, they are destructive, and I don't want one to come through our neighborhood ever again, but at least they're over quickly.  And the damage isn't quite as widespread.  He said one time they were without power for more than two weeks after a hurricane went through.  After our tornado, they got the power on within a few days, but if the damage had been to a wider area, I'm sure it would have taken longer.  Even a few days is difficult, but thankfully our friends at Generac came around and loaned out generac generators to anyone who needed them.  We put one in the front yard and ran extension cords to our house and to the neighbors next door.  It was good to be able to plug the refrigerator in!  And make my coffee in the mornings.  It's nice having a manufacturer of generators in the community!

Generac offered to let us keep the generator at a discounted price, and we really thought about it but decided not to.  Next time the power goes out, we may regret that decision, but I'm hoping the power company did a really good job fixing the power lines - and it's not like there are any tree limbs left to fall on them!  Now, if we lived in hurricane territory and there was a possibility of losing power for 2 weeks, we'd definitely want one.  The Best Buy employee (I wish I could remember his name; calling him the Best Buy employee seems rude) said that after having to go without power for that long, he went and bought a generator, so they'd be ready for the next time.  I'm just hoping we don't have a next time - at least nothing as serious as a tornado - and I'm definitely not planning to move anywhere that has hurricanes.

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  1. His name was Will, cuz Bill was helping my cute hubby. I think we mentioned Eagle and that brought up the tornado..... that was after we had discussed tie dying clothes. Had a great time with him, although he broke off our conversation when other customers came by and answered all their questions. Very knowledgeable salesman!


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