Sunday, March 13, 2011

Buying Printer Ink Online

I don't do much printing.  Something has to be really important before I actually print it.  I know it's just me, being cheap, thinking about how much printer ink costs and how much I hate to waste it.  If it's something I can read on my computer, then I'll just read it on the computer.  If it's a recipe, I'll usually jot down the ingredients on an old envelope or run back and forth from the kitchen to the computer to see what comes next.  Even though I don't print that much, the printer still goes through ink, and when it's time to buy it, I'm definitely looking for cheap ink cartridges and getting the best deal possible.  I like finding codes for extra money off and free shipping, too.  Whatever it takes to get the best deal.

In my world, all printer ink would be cheap printer ink, but that's not how it works.  Instead I go looking for online sites that sell ink - almost always at better prices than what we could get in a store.  There was that one time we found $5 black ink cartridges on clearance at Target, but that rarely happens.  The rest of the time, we've always bought ink online.  I think it's easier anyway, because you can search for your printer to find the right cartridges, instead of having to remember to write it down and know the number of your ink cartridge when you go to a store - and hoping they actually have it.  There are so many different printers and so many different ink cartridges, I don't know how any store can actually carry them all, but online they have them - Genuine, New Compatible, re-manufactured, refill kits, plenty of choices.

If you're looking for cheap ink for printers, I think shopping online is the best.  You get a better selection, better prices, and you don't have to worry, because they guarantee your ink cartridges will meet or exceed your expectations, or you can exchange them or send them back for a refund.