Thursday, March 24, 2011

Simple Coffee Cake

Written by my friend Betty Walls
Paula Deen is fun to watch with her southern charm and accent. She makes every recipe sound so easy to prepare even though I know that isn't always the case. The other day I was watching her show “Paula's Best Dishes” on my satellite tv from She was baking an Orange Coffee Cake. This really did look easy to prepare. Paula used a tube can of refrigerated biscuits. She cut the biscuits then placed them around the bottom of a round baking pan. Next, she brushed the biscuits with melted butter then sprinkled them with a mixture of minced walnuts, sugar, and orange zest. That was it! She then put the pan in the oven to bake for about 20 ! minutes. I even think I could handle making this. The hardest part was the glaze which was a combination of powdered sugar, cream cheese, and orange juice that was whipped until smooth and thin. Just drizzle this glaze over the warm cake and you are done. It's ready to eat. I put all of the ingredients on my shopping list for my next trip to the grocery store. With Paula's directions and these simple ingredients, I think I will be baking this delicious coffee cake next Saturday morning.


  1. Did you try this yet? I'm not to keen on those "can" biscuits.

  2. No, I haven't tried it yet. It sounds really good, though. I do buy the canned biscuits sometimes. Everybody here seems to like them, even though I can make my own biscuits just as quick.


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