Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Text to Complain

Jeffrey and I had to go pick up the van this evening - she needed a new motor for the back windshield wiper.  While we were out we decided to go on to Best Buy to pick up our copy of The Fighter (awesome movie!), and then he took me to McDonald's for dinner.  I had a coupon, and he had a gift card, so it was FREE!

Anyway, while we were eating the air conditioning kicked on.  Air.  Conditioning.  On March 16th.  And, of course, it was blowing on me.  (I have a hate/hate relationship with air conditioning)  I said something about it to Jeffrey, along the lines of where's the manager?  I should complain to the manager.  Then I pulled out my phone and updated my facebook status:
Air conditioning? Seriously, McDonald's?
and I put my phone away and went back to eating my cold fries.  And Jeffrey asks me, "Did you text McDonald's?"  No.  Just updated my facebook status.

But that's when it occurred to me.  Wouldn't it have been nice if I could have texted McDonald's or at least the manager on duty.  There should be a clearly visible, easily available number everywhere you go, so you can text complaints or comments or suggestions.  My first text would go straight to McDonald's in Delafield letting them know that there is absolutely no need for air conditioning in March when the outside temperature is 51°.  None.  (Of course, I could have gone and complained to an actual person, but that's beside the point)

Who would you text first?