Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Gruene Steam Cleaner

I've never used any kind of steam cleaners before, so I was excited to try this Gruene Steam Cleaner.  I love the idea of being able to clean without using any kind of chemicals, and steam is supposed to do a really good job of cleaning and sanitizing.

I didn't feel that the directions for using the cleaner were really clear, but thankfully there were plenty of helpful videos online, of real people using this cleaner.  When I went back and looked at the directions, I found that they were actually a bit clearer than I originally thought.  I was just in a hurry to get to it:

They say that your floor will be practically dry by the time you finish, but mine got quite wet.  I'm blaming that on the extreme cold of the day I tried it.  There was some extreme condensation on my ceramic tiles.  I do feel that it got my floor nice and clean, and it was really easy to use - just attach the pad, pour the water in, and wait for it to heat up, which it does really quickly.  I like that you can use your own towel instead of only being able to use the pad that comes with the cleaner, and that the pad is machine washable.

This steam cleaner also comes with attachments, and the tank removes from the mop part so it can be used for cleaning throughout the house.  This is where I had problems, figuring out how to attach the attachments and which one was for which job.  I tried steaming a shirt, thinking maybe it would be a quick and easy way to remove wrinkles, but, either I wasn't doing it right, or it just doesn't work that way, but I just ended up with wet spots on my shirt.  I will probably just stick with my iron. 

I am also going to try using steam in my bathtubs, hoping that it will help with the soap scum and hard-water deposits I mentioned earlier.  Why I haven't tried it yet, I don't know, considering all I have to do is add water and heat it up, and attach the right attachment.  Judging by one of the related videos on YouTube, I probably could have saved myself a lot of work trying to clean those tubs.  It looks like the Gruene Steam Cleaner does a great job cleaning showers.  I'm just going to have to get used to having this handy cleaner around - and think to try it first from now on.

Thank you to Gruene for letting me try out the cleaner.  I will be using this around my house!